Message From the President

Mösslein‘s success as a growing company is inherently connected to our culture of innovation. We believe sustainable innovation benefits people, the environment, our planet and plays a key role in our future. This principle shapes the way Mösslein does business. The results we see continue to motivate us.

Sustainable Innovation Insights

Spanning almost 25 years, Mösslein‘s sustainability journey has been dynamic, marked by an ever-evolving set of challenges and opportunities. As we continue to raise the bar on our approach, we see new opportunities.

Sustainability and business growth are complementary. Our strategy to create value while pursuing innovation to reduce our impact on the environment is delivering measurable results. Breakthrough technologies like the CETTA-Technology and the MSP Water Treatment Machines will improve the quality of water and it is our biggest challenge to offer great solutions also for remote settlements without efforts in maintenance and support.

It’s Not a Question of Less; It’s a Question of Better

Mösslein is dedicated to serving government organisations and companies helping them to run their water systems with benefit. Our world is changing fast. We believe business has a critical role to play in meeting the challenges of a changing world – addressing climate change, preserving the earth’s constrained resources. To do this we believe businesses must embrace sustainability as an innovation opportunity and governments should act to create the right policies and incentives to accelerate change at scale.

By sharing our experience, documenting our progress, we want to help shaping the future positively. Let us help to raise awareness about drinking water. We can improve the quality of life of many people. All our strengths are innovative technologies and solutions of breaking new ground.

Günter Mösslein
President Mösslein Group