Custom Engineered Sustainable Solutions

Cleaning, maintenance, emergency and system engineering services.

We provide our customers carefully considered, client-specific, water quality solutions. Our cutting-edge techniques, knowledge and technologies are engineered into every service we offer.

Engineered Solutions

service customized to your needs

Our products are environmentally friendly and

Our professional service aims to exceed
our customer expectations.

Treatment Solutions

Our treatment division develops solutions for your water treatment problems based on an analysis of your water. After our analysis is completed, options of treatment, both chemical and mechanical, are carefully considered utilizing the latest proven techniques, knowledge and technologies. In addition to our customer’s investment costs, our engineers also consider the profitability and serviceable life of your assets during the project planning – because the standing charges are very often the contributing factor.

System Program

Our company offers you the right kind of technique, including set up and commissioning, if you wish for:

— Dosing systems for liquid and powder products for treatment and flocculation
— Filter systems for deacidification and as a germ barrier
— Disinfection systems: UV and chlorine dioxide
— Air stripper and aerators
— Online measuring technique for turbidity, pH-value and other important parameters

Maintenance Program

Our maintenance teams provide on-going quality-assurance inspections and maintenance to guarantee high water quality and reliability for the long term:

— Inspection and repair of dosing and system technology by constant water analysis
— Maintenance contracts for drinking water systems by laboratory analysis of deposits and microbiological colonisations up to the rating of the building fabric.
— UV-system service including lamp exchange