Innovation is the cornerstone of Mösslein’s success.

We champion new approaches to provide solutions to the increasing strain applied to our global water resources.


The conditions inside distribution piping greatly affect drinking water quality. Chief among the offending factors is corrosion, which in turn discolors the water and accelerates biofilm formation. The water often travels far from source to tap. Clean water is often produced through treatment, only to be contaminated once more during transport.

FOLMAR™ forms a closed, tight, waterproof layer between the water and the surface. The barrier stops corrosion in 3 significant ways.


Pola Technologies

By using the Pola technology, nanofiltration can be accomplished with a sand filter. Impurities as small as 1nm can be removed by using PolaClear and PolaFloc. This process is called flocculation with a promoter. It is so effective that bacteria and viruses can be removed from the water through filtration and backwashing.

PolaAktive introduces oxidation of dissolved organic contaminants without the formation of combined chlorine. Combined chlorine is a toxic cocktail of respiratory irritants and suspected cancer-causing byproducts.

The Pola system removes both dissolved and undissolved contamination, which are precursors to combined chlorine.


MSP Water Treatment

The MSP is a decentralized, compact, modular, flexible technology to supply safe drinking water in urban, rural, and “hard-to-reach” communities.

The MSP system consists of three filter tanks which are filled with quartz gravel and coconut shell activated carbon. In order to improve the removal of small particles from water, specific flocculants are added after the pre-filtration carried out in the first tank. An improved solid-liquid separation is then achieved in the second filter followed by an adsorption station with the activated carbon in the last tank.

Specific treatment options can easily be incorporated, including Folmar corrosion inhibition, UV disinfection, PolaAktive oxidation, chlorine disinfection and more.


GTS Optimized Water Filtration

The GTS is a self-cleaning filtration technology developed to efficiently remove suspended solids and particles up to 10 μm from water with an easy operation and low-maintenance. The GTS can be equipped with different filter cloths and different pore size according to the specific requirements of our clients. Due to an innovative design of the inner filter segments and assembly, the GTS offers an optimized total filtration surface.


Tank Active Clean

The products are specifically developed to remove biofilm and deposits from we surfaces in drinking water systems. The application is a simple process and does not require extensive labor or down time. It has been repeatedly established that removing biofilm and deposits reduces chlorine demand and DBPs.

The regular use of Mösslein products extends the life of system components, allows for a more complete inspection of the coating, and greatly improves the aesthetics of water storage tanks.


Filter Active Clean

Filter Active Clean regenerates sand filtration media, avoiding costly replacement. It is effective against both mineral deposits and biofilm buildup. With Filter Active Clean, sand media can be restored to near-new condition in a matter of hours.


Pipe Active Clean

Pipe Active Clean is a clean-in-place technology designed to restore water pipes to the best condition possible. Effective against heavy scale and biofilm buildup, flow restrictions are effectively addressed and water quality greatly improved. Avoid replacing old pipes and causing more damage using aggressive methods, such as ice pigging. Pipe Aktive Clean uses custom-engineered gentle chemistry and air to restore full flow in pipes and address impacts on water quality.