Filter Active Clean

Technology Description

During the normal operationof a filter, various organic and inorganic deposits will build up and cause a lot of disadvantages:

Turbidity increases because of filter media degradation.

Lowered filtration efficiency also causes an increase in backpressure, leading to reduced water flow and increased backwash frequency.

Less efficient filter media cleaning during backwashing because of calcium deposits and increased backpressure.

The drainage system and nozzles eventually become clogged.

Increased disinfection by-product formation because of organic buildup in the filter media.

During the serviceable lifetime of a filter, a lot of mineral deposits end up being trapped within it, which reduce functionality and restrict flow. To make matters worse, these deposits cannot be removed through regular backwashing or through other traditional methods.

Normally, the only solution would be to replace the filter/filtration media, which is both expensive and laborious. Mösslein offers a remedy to this situation in the form of a cleaning solution designed to remove these deposits and rehabilitate the filters. This solution is thoroughly administered on-site, allowing it to penetrate the depth of the filter bed and into the underdrain. Complete filter rehabilitation is guaranteed to occur in 24 to 48 hours. Replacing the filtration media is no longer necessary, which saves a significant amount of time, effort and money.


Using this technology does not require removing the filter media and allows both the deposits and contaminants to be safely flushed out through the waste water system. It also provides the following benefits:

Filtration efficiency and water quality are substantially increased.
The filtration media is completely cleaned and flow rates are restored.
The life span of the filter media is greatly increased.
Chlorine demand is greatly improved.
Maintenance costs are greatly reduced.