The conditions inside distribution piping greatly affect drinking water quality. Chief among the offending factors is corrosion, which in turn discolors the water and accelerates biofilm formation. The water often travels far from source to tap. Clean water is often produced through treatment, only to be contaminated once more during transport.

The distribution system is vulnerable and considerable corrosion is caused by aggressive source water, chlorine and chloramines. FOLMAR™ eliminates corrosion throughout the system, both improving water quality and lengthening infrastructure lifespan.

FOLMAR™ forms a closed, tight, waterproof layer between the water and the surface. The barrier stops corrosion in 3 ways. First, it acts as an electrical insulator when it chemically bonds to and neutralizes both the anodes and the cathodes. Second, it separates the vulnerable surface from aggressive water and contaminants, such as organic acids, chlorine and chloramines. Third, it creates a physical barrier that protects the metal surface from biofilm that causes biocorrosion. Further thinning of the pipe wall is thereby prevented.

FOLMARTM is an efficient corrosion inhibitor which guarantees outstanding results in preventing new drinking water systems from corrosion. It also effectively addresses existing internal corrosion. The FOLMARTM product is a result of the highest German Engineering Standards. This technology is successfully used in German drinking water utilities and distribution systems, with a track record dating back to 1984.

FOLMARTM reacts chemically with the surface of a pipe forming a thin, mono molecular film. This barrier-film prevents corrosion reactions by preventing direct contact between the pipe surface and the water. In the case of existing corrosion, FOLMARTM reacts with the corroded surfaces and stops additional degradation. As the hydro-metallic oxide layer is covered, new deposit protection is also established. Over time, FOLMARTM will be absorbed onto surfaces forming a barrier film throughout the entire system – from injection point to tap. This corrosion inhibition technology considerably decreases the corrosion rate of a material exposed to a water flow, enhancing infrastructure lifespan and protection the treated water from re-contamination. FOLMARTM is an effective solution for a safe water supply.

FOLMARTM can be used for control and prevention in any type of metal pipes found in drinking water distribution systems. FOLLMARTM also protects cement and similar materials from long term deterioration.


  • Prevent corrosion in new water distribution systems
  • Control existing corrosion in water distribution systems
  • Avoid red water release in drinking water distribution systems
  • Avoid leaching of metals in treated water
  • Minimize the water main breaks produced by internal corrosion
  • Extend infrastructure lifetime
  • Reduce ongoing maintenance costs
  • Postpone capital investments
  • Reduce chlorine demand and disinfection by-products (DBPs)
  • Safeguard high water quality standard
  • Avoid changes of drinking water taste and odor
  • Protect customer’s investments in hot water heaters
  • Obtain more satisfied customers and improve public relations