The GTS is a self-cleaning filtration technology developed to efficiently remove suspended solids and particles up to 10 μm from water with an easy operation and low-maintenance. The GTS can be equipped with different filter cloths and different pore size according to the specific requirements of our clients. Due to an innovative design of the inner filter segments and assembly, the GTS offers an optimized total filtration surface. This innovative design facilitates the removal of matter, and provides very efficient continuous cleaning and less wasted water. The GTS reuses part of the filtered water for the backwashing system so that an external rinse-water source is not required. The special filter assembly of the GTS allows easy and partial replacement of the filter segments in order to simplify its maintenance.

self-cleaning filtration technology


– Inner drum diameter: 1m, 2m
– Inner drum length: 500 – 6000 mm
– Filter pore size: 10 – 150 μm
– Filter mesh material: AISI 316 L or PA
– Total filter area: 2.5 – 55 m2 (24 – 600 sqft)
– Flow rate: up to 1400 L/s (22,000 gpm)
– Equipment available in AISI 304 or 316 L
– Variable spraying nozzle distance
– Continuous operation


– Optimized total filtration surface
– Easy operation
– Easy and fast replacement of filter segments and spraying nozzles
– Very efficient cleaning of the filter mesh
– No external rinse-water demand due to reuse of filtered water
– Minimal water waste
– Low maintenance and energy cost
– Lower capital investment costs and footprint requirement
– Durable components and long-lasting filter mesh

Domestic Water

– Filtration of surface water and ground-water
– Removal of algae
– Rain/storm water treatment
– Drinking water treatment
– Additional removal of phosphorous after precipitation
– Reduction of total suspended solids (TSS)
– Protection of membrane plants, UV system (through pre-filtration)

Industrial Water

– Reuse of industrial water
– Cooling water filtration
– Material recovery e.g. fibers, plastic or any valuable material
– Any industrial application where suspended solids are to be removed up to 10 μm