MSP Water Treatment

The All-in-One System for Safe Drinking Water Quality

The MSP is a decentralized, compact, modular, flexible technology to supply safe drinking water in urban, rural, and “hard-to-reach” communities.

The MSP system consists of three filter tanks which are filled with quartz gravel and coconut shell activated carbon. In order to improve the removal of small particles from water, specific flocculants are added after the pre-filtration carried out in the first tank. An improved solid-liquid separation is then achieved in the second filter followed by an adsorption station with the activated carbon in the last tank.

The MSP machine operation and backwashing are fully automated. The MSP plant is especially designed for hard-to-reach settlements and can be operated independently by remote monitoring. It can also serve as an additional layer of hygienic security for hospitals and as an affordable water treatment for commercial, industrial, or residential buildings. The MSP can also be equipped with different filter media in order to remove specific contaminants. Additional treatment options can easily be incorporated, including Folmar corrosion inhibition, UV disinfection, PolaAktive oxidation, chlorine disinfection and more.

What is removed from water?

– Rust, sand and heavy metals (lead, mercury, copper, etc.)
– Drugs (residues such as hormones, antibiotics, painkillers, etc.)
– Agricultural products (pesticides, herbizides, fungizides)
– Industrial pollution (asbestos, ethylbenzenes, trichlorethylene, etc.)
– Parasites* (Cryptosporidium, Clostridia, etc.)
– Bacteria and viruses* (E. coli, coliforms, Pseudomonas, etc.)
– Chlorine and disinfection by-products (trihalomethanes, chloramines, CFCs, etc.)
– Turbidity, odor and color (organics, colloids, sand, silt, etc.)

*Coagulation and flocculation allow the sand filters to function as a physical barrier to pathogens.


– Flow rate: 2.000 – 10.000 L/h (10 – 45 GPM)
– Continuous operation
– Fully automated system
– Automatic periodic self-cleaning
– Auto warning system
– Remote monitoring
– Continuous water quality monitoring with real time data available


– Decentralized plant to provide potable water for urban, rural and “hard-to-reach” communities
– Safe water quality with turbidity lower than 0.05 NTU
– Easy operation and low maintenance
– Efficient and automatic cleaning of the filter tanks
– Small operational footprint
– Low cost