Pola Technologies


The Pola System cleans water more efficiently and with better results versus current chlorine methods. The Pola System is a drop-in solution, using technology that can easily be implemented in existing pool and spa water treatment systems. It is the best way to purify your water.

PolaClear and PolaFloc

Pool water treatment involves filtration and disinfection, usually with chlorine. Disinfection by-products are of great concern in swimming pool water. These byproducts are called combined chlorine. In fact, swimmers can contribute a large quantity of organic matter that can lead to the formation of chloramines, chloroform and chloroacetic acids. These compounds can lead to health problems among the staff and pool users, especially babies or little children.

Flocculation works by very quickly attracting impurities into a cluster, which grows beyond the point where it can pass through the sand filter. This process can easily be observed by adding one drop each of PolaClear and PolaFloc to a beaker of water while stirring. Visible particles will immediately form before your eyes.

The Pola System is backed by 20 years of German engineering and field experience.

Because each pool is unique and each day offers new groups of swimmers, a pool is a dynamic, constantly changing system. The exact dosing process will depend on a number of factors related to how the pool is used.


-crystal clear water
-lowered combined chlorine
-helps the filter remove pathogens
-reduces iron levels
-removes most types of contamination


PolaAktive technology enhances chlorine disinfectant power for a healthier, safer swimming and recreation experience.

The PolaAktive process cleans system piping and filter media for smoother operation and lower maintenance costs.

PolaAktive introduces powerful oxidation with a residual into the water. It has the advantage of oxidizing organic substances without creating chloramines and trihalomethanes (THMs). Even the most resistant microorganisms are made vulnerable to disinfection by chlorine.

Many pool systems will show biofilm dying off within days of starting to use the Pola System together with a disinfectant, such as chlorine.


-cleans the filter media
-enhances chlorine disinfection power
-cleans piping
-eliminates odors
-boosts ORP